Tonyin Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax – 200g




Tonyin Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax Detail:

With FREE Applicator Pad
This product contains a superfine grinding agent, it can effectively remove the dirt and stubborn stains, dumb chromatography and oxide layer on the surface of paint film and eliminate slight rub marks and scratches etc, make it return to original colour and lustre.

If you’ve used waxes in the past, you know they have traditionally been difficult to remove. However,  Tonyin Ceramic Wax is a newer formulation that is much easier to apply and remove while creating a strong protective barrier that locks in depth and shine.

You’ll get a dark, rich gloss and shine while protecting your paint against the sun and outside elements.

For best results with this wax, start with a freshly washed vehicle. This wax is a great option to provide your car with the shine and protection it needs.


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